Adult Classes

Judo Benefits for Adults

The benefits of judo for adults reach far beyond the obvious benefits of a physical activity. Adult practitioners see an increase in strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and body awareness. But in addition, through the practice of judo, a student challenges their mind and body to think and move in ways in which it is not accustomed and to reassess preconceived notions about strength and motion. Judoka's find in the process that before we can ever hope to exert some control over another person, we have to first control ourselves. This requires a heightened awareness of how what we do affects everything around us, thus finally leading to the ultimate goal of Judo which is the making of good people.


To attend these classes, students must meet the following requirements

USA Judo Membership

This is only required if the student wishes to compete in tournaments and for promotions to Shodan (black belt).

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